2009 Season Accomplishments

Earned second year letter in football ~ Named All Conference honorable mention

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gamespeed Football Academy and Nike Combine

Xaq is enrolled at Gamespeed Football Academy in Eden Prairie for training. Working with Mark Ellis and Deon Hightower, Xaq has a great training team. Football Coach Andy Ewald continues to support Xaq in the off season and this weekend we have a meeting between coach and trainer; should be a good planning meeting.

Plans are currently underway to create his junior year highlight film along with training for the Nike Combine in Chicago. We are hoping that he gets a good SPARQ rating to help in the recruiting process. He has a list of schools he is interested in but too early to say what will happen.

So for the next seven weeks - he works out, eats, hydrates, concentrates on grades, takes ACT prep test, trains for combine, and does this over and over and over.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hard work is only part of the equation

Week 6 done. In the Columbia Heights game we took the win with a score of 50-14.

A different team played in front of the Orioles fans Friday night. It was the CH Hylanders Homecoming but we came out with determination and it paid off. Our defense allowed one touchdown in the first three quarters of the game and our offense rocked! Xaq had a career high of 5 touchdowns - the pure distinction between this game and games of the past - he finished his drives.

Now why the difference in how the team played in Week 6? CH had the same record we did but we played at a higher level. Some may speculate that it was due to a different defense and a change up of players and positions, others say it has something to do with the very secretive player-to-player talk on Monday (secretive because players aren't talking about what was said), still others will say the team started acting like a team and wanted to fight for every yard, drive, stop and point. Regardless of a single act or the combination of all - the coaches and players pulled it off and I like what I saw that night.

Week 7 started - we are up against Spring Lake Park and it will be a difficult game for us. Add in the potential forecast of mix of snow and rain and we've got ourselves a football game. The Orioles can do this - they have shown improvement over the weeks and can take this game. Time will tell...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 5 but ...season is far from over

Ok, so we are in the 5th week of football and the team record is 1 -4; this was not at all expected from this team. We have a number of offensive weapons on the team and they have been doing their job for the most part. Just this past week they switched up the defense so we are hoping for better things from that. Our offensive ranks #2 in the State and our Defense is ranked last...hmmm. We are our own worst enemy (perhaps a bit of an exaggeration).

Right now, Xaq has 611 rushing yards with 2 touchdowns and 199 receiving yards with 2 more touchdowns. He consistently has ranked in the number one spot for rushing in the conference but falls lower in the state ranking. How much does this mean if your team is 1-4; not to much to Xaq. If the team didn't win, he didn't win - no matter what the yardage says. In the last loss against BSM, he says he got his butt chewed by the coaches during film. Good! Every player needs to be called out and put on the spot if they are not doing their job as they are trained to do. What does this do to Xaq? It motivates him and makes him want to work harder - we will see if the coaching and feedback helped.

Next game this week is against Columbia Heights at their field. There is NO REASON the Orioles cannot pull out a win. The team needs to play like the first half of the BSM game consistently. Those who were not pulling their weight and doing their job need to do so this game and every game. The season is not over! This team should make it to the Sectional Finals on November 6th. I am a believer.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in Action Like Nothing Happened

Xaq experienced a low in his high school football career however things are back to the way they should be. He and his team are preparing for their 2009 homecoming game after losing the first game of the season on the road 21-28. In the St. Francis game on Sept 3rd, Xaq had 110 rushing yards with 11 carries averaging about 10 yards per carry. He also had a 20 yard reception however he missed out on some key opportunities to score – hey it must be said. All said and done as a team it wasn’t good enough to bring a win.

It’s the day before another big game – nerves are starting. Xaq wants a touchdown and badly. He wants to meet or preferably exceed his average ypc and he wants victory for their team. Will they have a celebration tomorrow night? Absolutely! I firmly believe the boys want it badly enough to go after it.

Go get ‘em boys!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best Coaches Around - St Louis Park MN

I believe the best way to measure a person's character is not when everything is going well but rather when the chips are down. This is the second and final week of two-a-days and Xaq has faced some unforeseen challenges.

With the obstacles this week, the coaches beginning with Head Coach /Athletic Director Andy Ewald partnered with Running Back Coach Jim Bigot and everyone in between, have been extremely supportive. I couldn't ask for my son to be a part of a better football program - sure these guys are coaches but they are also dads and they once played the sport themselves. They can certainly relate to the struggles that players face and speak candidly to the student athletes about how to overcome or work through them. They are the Best Coaches not because of the W/L record but because of their character - and I have witnessed their character.

Looking forward to a better week ahead.

Monday, August 24, 2009

One Down One To Go

First week of two a days are complete and there is one week to go.

Coach Ewald's tweet said it was a good week but to make this next week perfect; that hit home with Xaq. Often times it is a mental game with him - he practices his running back skills alone with his running back coach. Although his rb coach is knowledgeable and involved Xaq doesn't have the opportunity to learn from other rb's mistakes or great moves/plays - only his own and those are not always so clear.

Xaq is going into this week with the attitude and drive for perfection. He wants to run his routes perfectly, help scout for his teammates and give it his all in the weightroom. After this week he deserves the float - need to fit that appointment in so he can get float on Friday and be fresh for Saturday and the next week of practice. Saturday is the scrimmage at Wayzata High School - it's not a true scrimmage game but it allows them to practice different things against opponents. This will definitely give insight as to how the team may perform both offensively and defensively. And, then Thursday September 3rd is the first game of the 2009 season away against St. Francis. The Orioles beat St Francis last year and hope to repeat that; boys are anxious to play and win. Time will tell...



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two-a-Days are Underway

Two-a-days began on Monday with the team in place and the coaches ready to teach, correct and praise. Today (Thursday) is first day of pads - the day which Xaq has been waiting.

It is one thing to call a player down because you touched their jersey it is quite another thing to wrap a player up and tackle him when both have pads; this part should not be as easy. I hear Xaq and the players saying bits and pieces of plays from the days; some with laughter following and some with comments like "He is a beast" or "He doesn't have anything on me". All in all they are the same team that comes together under the lights unified as one BUT on the field during two a days when the coach says full contact you better show up to play. Xaq seems to be driven internally to show what he has - whether that is one more yard gained by pulling three players with him, stiff-arming one of his teammates for additional yardage or helping a guy up from the field that he has trucked. He wants to perform well on and off the field, he wants to support his teammates and listen and learn from the coaches. Xaq has an arsenal of coaches on the field each providing prospective - although not always the easiest to take. Football will make you strong both inside and out and the coaches feedback will further strengthen your character. Regardless, you can't fail by trying but if you give up - you give up on succeeding.

Keep pushing, keep moving , drag them with you, leave them behind but .... MAKE IT COUNT.